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Nazareth . . .
        where Christ meets his guests

“Nazareth is above all a place of welcome. A place of hospitality, where Christ meets his guests, welcomes them, and is welcomed by them…
The humble loving service of the Nazareth Angels warm the hearts of those who come here. Smiles, care, attention to details, speak to Christ’s guests of His love and care, of His welcome, of His hospitality. Hospitality is ‘welcome’ carried on to the end of the visit.”
– Fr John Donoghue, December 9, 2007

The Retreat Center is located on fifteen acres centrally located in the Treasure Valley, on the western boundary of the city of Boise.

The rolling lawns, ample walkways, natural environment, pond, rosary/rose garden, view of the mountains... all contribute to the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the retreat center.

A retreat at Nazareth Retreat Center offers plenty of opportunities to praise the beauty of God's creation in the garden, to relax and enjoy God's presence so present in the quiet of the grounds and the stars of the night.

Cottages with numerous, simply furnished private guest rooms are nestled around the grounds for a feeling of solitude and seclusion.

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Our kitchen staff can supply your nutritional requirements using our spacious cafeteria and full commercial kitchen. 

Whether you come to Nazareth to pray, study, or work, we offer you an environment of quiet and solitude, whether in the guest rooms, walking the grounds, enjoying the outdoors, or in the main lodge. 

By being physically separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can find peace and reflect on your life.

Nazareth will also accommodate your business needs when it comes to a location free of noise and distractions. Bring your next workshop or training event to Nazareth for a peaceful learning environment.



If you are looking for a place of private retreat, group retreat, workshop, seminar, come to Nazareth for an unforgettable event.

Please Contact us if you have questions.

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