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Main Entrance

Guest Room Cottages

At Nazareth there are 6 cottages each with 8 rooms conveniently located around the Retreat Center with views of the mountains and aquatic life.


There are 47 double occupancy rooms, 31 rooms furnished with double beds and 16 rooms furnished with 2 twin beds. 

   Twin Bedroom

All rooms have:

  • Individual bathroom facilities (2 rooms are wheelchair accessible)
  • Heating and Air conditioning
  • Ground level
  • Study desk
  • Comfortable beds
  • Private entrance from outside
  • Linens and towels are furnished

In the main lodge there is a Director’s Suite for the Retreat Director.  The suite has 2 larger rooms and is furnished with a double bed, private bathroom, couch, large desk, easy chair, television and phone.

Main Lodge

Nazareth also has a small hospitality room furnished with a private bathroom, microwave, small refrigerator, small dining table and chairs, small desk, along with an easy chair and lamp for reading. 

In addition we have a small suite with a double bed, private bath, kitchenette, table, recliner and television.


In our main building we have a Chapel that will accommodate 100 for worship, a Eucharistic Chapel, flexible meeting rooms, lounge, library and dining room.


There are 2 large meeting rooms as well as smaller, more intimate rooms with comfortable seating.

                                                                     Theater Style        At Tables
Shepherd’s Conference Room           60 people                 25-40 people
Director’s Conference Room             60  people                25-40 people
Helbling Hall                                                                                  100 people
Library                                                                                             8-10 people
Food Service

Our dining room can accommodate up to 100.  Meals are served buffet style with a variety of home cooked food prepared by Chef Angela. Dietary needs can be accommodated if we are informed in advance.

Dining Room

By Marjorie DiLorenzo

Walking out the back door of the Nazareth Retreat Center brings a special peace.  There is a walking path that circles the back of the property and if you turn right on that path you will find yourself at the First Station of the Cross, Jesus Is Condemned

These Stations were found in the Archives of the Diocese and we understand they had previously been in the Sacred Heart Church in Lapwai.  They were somewhat damaged so Nancy Middleton and her husband restored them beautifully. 

Dave Halter and Fred DiLorenzo designed and built wood shelters to protect them from the sun and weather.  There is a solar light in the roof of each one so they are visible after dark. 

Continuing on, the Stations are placed around the path.  As you walk and stop to pray along the path, you will notice the Rosary Walk that has just been beautifully updated by the Knights of Columbus to include decorative rocks with the Mysteries on them as well as benches to rest or reflect. 

Further down the path you will pass the Labyrinth.  As you walk and pray you will no doubt hear the birds and notice the squirrels that come to join you.  The pond draws ducks, geese, and you might get a glimpse of a blue heron sitting in the tree. 

Continuing to follow the path in this beautiful setting you are reminded of the suffering Christ, the pain of the Holy Women, the agony of those watching as you stop and pray at each Station. 

Coming full circle you find yourself before the Fourteenth Station, Jesus Laid in the Tomb.  To the left of this Station are images of Our Lady of Lourdes and Bernadette. 

When using the booklet, “Praying the Stations with Mary the Mother of Jesus” by Richard Furey, we stop in front of Our Lady and pray the Fifteenth Station, Jesus is Raised From the Dead to conclude our prayerful walk.

All are welcome to come pray the Stations of the Cross at Nazareth or spend time in any of our other prayer spaces, but we kindly ask that you call in advance of coming. 

Lent is an especially meaningful time to come and enjoy Nazareth, A Place of Peace and Prayer.  

Knights of Columbus December 2015 Newsletter

On September 26, 2015, Fr. Reggie Nwauzor officiated at the blessing of the recently renovated Walking Rosary on the grounds of Nazareth Retreat Center in Boise. This event was the culmination of the dream of William Sandrus, the original designer of the Walking Rosary, in honor of Our Blessed Mother, thirty plus years ago. Family, friends and the area Knights of Columbus members attended the special ceremony.


Approximately 30 years ago, William Sandrus and the Boise/ Sacred Heart Council (#00899), created a walking rosary at the Nazareth Retreat Center on Five Mile Road in Boise, Idaho. In the early 2000s, Bill desired to restore and renovate the area making the Walking Rosary more handicap friendly. Discussions were held at Risen Christ Council (#12854); however, the work was not started. On 7/16/2010, Bill passed away and designated funds (approx. $6,200) for this project. Additionally, Nazareth Retreat Center collected approx. $750 in memorials for this activity in Brother Sandrus' and mother-in-law, Lenora Varitek's, (Mountain Home, Idaho) name.

Also, over the project duration, funds were donated by the Knights of Columbus Nampa, St. Mark's and Holy Spirit Councils. During the next few years, several Knights and landscape entities planned to complete Bill's dream. In March/April, 2013, Dave Palumbo and the Risen Christ Knights of Columbus Council, volunteered to organize the renovation of the walking rosary.

Project Activity

Dave Palumbo met with Fred DiLorenzo, Director of the Retreat Center and William's widow, Julia Sandrus, to determine the scope of work. The plan was to remove the existing pavers that made up the rosary, relocate several benches to the new location of the mystery pavers, dig a 3' x 6" x 300' path located by Fred, compact in the path 3/4" road mix, place weed barrier in the trench, place 3/4" sienna stone in the path, place the pavers in the new path, mark each mystery/Our Father with a stone monument detailing four mysteries, and planting roses at each mystery site. There are eight wood/metal benches at or near the walking rosary. Four benches are to be relocated and the wood seats/backs are to be replaced with composite material to drastically reduce future maintenance.

The first phase of the project began as Dave Palumbo measured the site and sourced the purchase of the road mix, sienna stone, and weed barrier. New pavers were located to replace broken ones and enlarge the mystery site pavers. A compactor was reserved. KC members provided a sod cutter and rototiller. The gravel, stone, and pavers were delivered the day prior to the event. Julia Sandrus and her sisters brought donuts for the work crew. The work time for this phase of the project was essentially from 8 am to 5 pm with an hour lunch break provided by Nazareth. The cost for this portion of the project was $1,994.64. Twenty-one Knights, family and friends provided 148 total hours in this phase.

The second phase of the project was the completion of replacing the wooden material of seven benches with composite material, painting the metal elements of the benches and placing landscape rock under one bench (which was not completed during Phase I). Knights and friends worked 52 hours of combined time on this phase. The cost of the second phase of this project total $1,603.20.

The third phase of the project was to purchase and place five monuments inscribed with the four mysteries of the Rosary. Rockitecture Stoneworks in Garden City was contacted and provided a suggested monument, price to manufacture and placement of monuments. Julia Sandrus and Fred DiLorenzo were contacted and approved the monument design. Total cost of the monument phase was $3,006. Knights, family and friends spent twenty hours combined time preparing the site and placing the monuments. A second element of this phase was to purchase rose plants to be placed near each monument.

Dave and Kathy Palumbo and Julia Sandrus completed the planting of the roses and clean-up of the area for the Blessing Ceremony in June and September for a total 33 hours of combined time. Three roses in colors of red and white (total 18) were planted at each mystery monument and crucifix area at a cost less than $100.

The completed project is truly a beautiful tribute to Our Blessed Mother and allows an area of quiet sanctuary for meditation and prayer.


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